Harry Potter: Spells iPhone App is Perfect for Your Little Hogwart

HP Spells Title ScreenWell at this rate you’ll need multiple iPhones and iPod Touch’s if they keep making games not only for adults but for kids too. The latest new game for the iPhone/iPod Touch is Harry Potter: Spells App based on the Harry Potter films, it will transform Muggles everywhere into fledgling wizards, casting spells at their opponents to stun them with Stupefy! or disarm them with Expelliarmus! Beginning with an arsenal of 14 spells, wizards-in-training can create magic alone or duel others by casting spells from one device to another using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. The Harry Potter Spells App retails for $4.99 and before you know you’ll be casting spells like a true Hogwarts student. HP Spells Housepoints.

HP Spells Spell Expelliarmus