Sony AIBO Might Be Dead, But Long Live the Genibo Robot Dog

dasa-robot-genibo-robot-dog-BSony’s AIBO might be long gone, but there is still a very advanced, and very expensive robot dog out there for you to purchase. There is no doubt that the dASA Genibo Robot Dog took design cues from the Sony AIBO. For a ruff $1,650, the mischievous Genibo DOG will charm and entertain you. The pup does not like to have its sides touched, it loses energy and falls asleep when its owner does not pay attention to it for at least 5 minutes, it will cause trouble if “vigilance” is not kept, and it even acts like a true and faithful real dog by being able to recognize your family and show emotion when it sees you! The dog also recognizes commands when you touch his head, and it’s capable of recognizing it spoliation and getting up on its own when it falls to its side. Additionally, the pup can even take photos and transmit the images in real time for owners to view remotely. An owner can also use the included control manager software to control the robot’s movement. You can also control LED in the eyes and add on new voice commands and emotion icons into the robot. So the functionality does sound very similar to the AIBO, but the AIBO, rest its soul was even pricier than the Genibo Robot Dog. We can’t help but feel like this robot is kind of like a bargain bin AIBO, but hey, shelter puppies need homes too!dasa-robot-genibo-robot-dog-2-B