Night Vision Camera is Perfect for the Next Blair Witch Project

night-vision-198x300Kids have a fascination with night vision for some reason so it’s no surprise that companies keep pumping out more night vision wares. The latest one s the Night Vision Camera from Digital Blue which is a fully functioning video camera, and when the lights go out, the Night Vision Video Camera switches automatically goes from daytime recording to infrared and lets you see up to 40 feet in the pitch black. It also features a 1.3 MP resolution, has about 2 minutes of on-board memory, and is powered by 4 AA batteries. The camera is almost shaped liked the old school ones from the 20’s but on this one, you can view all your footage on a 2″ TFT screen. It can also store up to two hours of video with a 2GB memory card which is not included (bummer). The included software will edit videos and you can upload your night vision movies to YouTube. The Night Vision Camera retails for $79.99.