My Meebas Now with Glitter Giveaway

mymeebasWe have been a fan of My Meebas since last year, so we were especially excited to see a newer version now with glitter. These latest My Meebas with glitter come in Intelligence, Happiness, Luck, and Beauty. The concept is the same and basically you still have to play and nurture your My Meeba (Tamagotchi style) in order for it to survive. Do it right and you eventually lead to the canister popping open to reveal an adorable stuffed creature inside. Because we still get so many comments and questions about the My Meebas, Mattel was generous enough to offer 6 new Glitter My Meebas to giveaway. These are extremely hard to find and most stores only carry the ones without glitter. So just send us an email saying “I Love My Meebas” to enter.