Fashion Playtes Lets Girls Design and Produce their Own Clothing Label

fplaytesIf your child dreams about being a clothing designer one day and having a label of her own, with Fashion Playtes she no longer has to dream about it. The site lets girls design their own clothing, complete with their own label. They can even order their designs online and have them shipped to them so that they can wear them themselves. Fortunately, the prices for the clothing are generally affordable too. The site also lets girls store their creations in a closet for them to access at anytime. In the closet, kids can also create outfits to “try on”, and you can even see what other girls are designing. Overall, we’re really excited by Fashion Playtes. Not only does it inspire creativity in your budding fashion designer, but it’s also sure to instill a whole lot of pride and self esteem in a young girl when she shows off her latest fashion creations – that she is actually wearing herself!