Disney Cars LCD TV Will Ride Away With Your Entertainment

63200The Disney Cars LCD TV might just be the most adorable television ever designed for kids. Available in 15″ and 19″ versions, Lightning McQueen’s trusty transporter teammate Mack rocks the house as an LCD TV. The TV even sports real wheels! The TV’s display is a widescreen display with a 1024 x 768 resolution and a 400:1 contrast ratio. A remote control is included as well. You can also connect the TV to your computer via VGA and use it as a computer monitor. The 15″ LCD Cars TV retails for $219.95 and the 19″ version retails for $299.95. Or if you’re looking for a TV with a built-in DVD player, check out the Lightning McQueen TV & DVD Player for $199.99. This TV and DVD combo is also quite adorable, unfortunately, it isn’t a flatscreen LCD, but just a CRT. 62461