The Wizard of OZ Limited Edition Blu-Ray Includes a Watch But No Ruby Slippers

Wizard-of-OZModern classic movies for kids these days seems to be anything that is a cartoon. Toy Story, Shrek, etc…but back in the day, as many of you know there was Shirley Temple and Judy Garland that provided classic movie fair for families. The just released the Wizard of Oz 70th Anniversary Blu-ray edition not only re-introduces adults to this classic tale but kids too! Remastered and full digitized so that the munchkins practically leap off the screen and Dorothy’s red ruby shoes shimmer like never before. This is a great collection for the whole family that also features a collectible book, magazine,  and watch – perfect for the little Dorothy in your home. The Limited Edition Wizard of OZ 70th Anniversary Blu-ray retails for $51.99 at Amazon.