The Amanda Project Merges Paperback Mysteries with Online Interactivity

THE AMANDA PROJECT: INVISIBLE I is a new eight-book multiplatform series for teen girls that merges a traditional paperback book with online interactivity. The Amanda Project web site features social networking, online games, and user generated content to create a totally collaborative reading experience for girls ages 12 and up. The story surrounds a ninth grader who goes missing. In an effort to find her, her friends keep getting clues that indicate that she is still out there somewhere. At the Amanda Project web site, users can become a character, create a profile, comment on weekly stories and post their own theories (with the chance to be included in future stories and even published in the books), contribute to the Endeavor High Zine, upload art, listen and download the character’s favorite music, uncover clues, and discover more about Amanda. Before its release, the Amanda Project site was tested by a group of 150 girls worldwide, ages 12-17.

Overall, we love the idea of having a dynamic tale unfold in a book that is connected with an online experience, it’s a win-win situation which encourages kids to read, and we imagine that other books will follow suit. The Amanda Project launches tomorrow and is currently available for pre-order $11.46.