New Amber Alert GPS 2G Tracks Your Child Everywhere

The Amber Alert system has proved to be an effective system to recover missing children. Now Amber Alert GPS has launched the Amber Alert GPS 2G, a child tracking device that makes sure that parents always know where their child is. Parents can set up “Safe Zone” boundaries. Should a child go out of these set boundaries, a parent will be alerted. Other features include voice monitoring, the ability to know the speed of the vehicle that a child is riding in, and alert notifications when a child has reached their destination. The Amber Alert GPS system retails for $379 and comes in blue, silver, pink and black. A monthly plan is required to us the device. Plans start at $9.99 a month.

With the AAGPS 2G, tracking your child is easy. Call or text your AAGPS 2G for a location request.
Within seconds, you will receive a text containing:
– the street address
– latitude and longitude
– a website link (URL)
You can view your child’s location on your web-enabled phone by clicking on the website link. Alternatively, you can enter the latitude and longitude in virtually any mapping program on-line like Google Maps, MapQuest, etc.

For parents who are at work or who have a computer at their fingertips, it’s easy to locate your child on our secure website. With a user name and password, you’ll be able to locate your child by the click of the mouse. If you have multiple AAGPS 2G units, then you can track all devices at once.

-Call or text for location request (view map on web-enabled phone)
-On-line web tracking (multiple units)
-SOS to 5 users (phones & emails)
-SOS (disable function for special needs)
-Safe Zone (Geo-fence)
-Speed Alert
-Temperature Alert
-Bread crumbing
-Page command for lost unit
-Low battery alerts
-Water resistant
-Designed for a child
-Easy to attach to wrist/ankle, belt, backpack