Littlest Pet Shop Online Coming This Fall

We’ve played Littlest Pet Shop on Nintendo DS and Wii, and now they’re coming to a PC too. Littlest Pet Shop Online is a web based virtual world where girls can play online games with their favorite littlest pet shop pets. Kids can also participate in daily events where they can connect with friends and even make new ones. Kids can also create their own pets and design a home for them. We got a preview of the Littlest Pet Shop Online of how vast and playful it is for a virtual online world made entirely from Flash. The world so dynamic and colorful, that it’s hard to believe that all of it is happening inside of a browser, it really feels like a dedicated PC game that requires a software installation – but it’s not. What I also especially appreciate about LPSO is that kids can buy items there without parents having to shell out real currency, unlike so many virtual worlds where you have to spend real cash to buy virtual items.