Hyper Dash Game is Great for Kids with Alot of Energy

Some games are the perfect games for kids with a lot of energy, and Hyper Dash is one of them. Called “A Game of Speed, Accuracy, and Agility”, the game comes with one electronic tagger and five different colored and numbered targets. The tagger calls out which targets the player needs to strike, and the goal is to strike the targets as fast as possible. There is no limit to the distance between targets, so that means that Hyper Dash can easily be played outdoors as well as in doors. So that even if you set targets far apart from one another, a lot of exercise will be involved. The technology behind Hyper Dash is pretty impressive too, the Tagger uses an RFID chip to recognize the target when it comes in contact with one. Hyper Dash retails for just $22.72.