Harumika Fashion Doll Set Now Available

We reported about Harumika back in February at Toy Fair, and now the Harumika fashions are finally available to purchase starting this month at Toys R’ Us, Amazon and soon at other retailers as well. The Harumika web site has also been launched, where girls can design their own fashions and share them with other friends in the Harumika online community. These dolls are sure to be popular with aspiring fashion designers and creative girls who want to develop their own styles.

How Does it Work? (the doll frame)
· Choose a swatch of exclusive Harumika fabric and wrap it around the dress form
· Secure it using the Style Lock System™ and stylus tool
· Style it your way with accessories!

Why it Inspires Girls (the online, tech feature of the doll)
· Harumika gives girls a chance to express their own style using their imagination and easy tools that set them up for success, building confidence while creating fun designs.
· They can share their styles with pride online at www.harumika.com by uploading photos of their favorite designs to their own “Look Book”, displaying their designs in their own virtual “Fashion Boutique”, showing off their hottest looks to all their friends by participating in online fashion runway shows!
· With no cutting, gluing or sewing required it’s a great activity on the go or at home.
· Price points start at $10.99 for the Style Starter Set with additional Style Accent Sets priced at $5.99