My Dress-up for Nintendo DS For Fashion Designer Wannabes

We’re seeing more and more video games designed for girls that lets them become their own fashion design. The latest is My Dress-up for Nintendo DS The game is designed for young girls and pre-teens. Players get to create a personal avatar and  pick an event to dress up for. For example, they can take their avatar to the back, skiing, or to a concert. Using the DS Wireless communications, players can also communicate with other My Dress-Up players to chat, talk about what outfits to wear, and even trade outfits. Here are some other features from the game:

  • Over 600 customizable items to choose from
  • Style yourself and friends over and over again
  • Check your message box to see who needs help with an outfit
  • Store your favorite outfits in your wardrobe and use them again later
  • Invite up to three of your friends to a Dress-Up party and rate one another on your styling skills
  • T-Shirt designer customize your own T-Shirt to wear or share with friends
  • Interoperability with the entire MyGames Series releasing this Summer-Share a full makeover from My Make-Up with My Dress Up and chat with your other My Dress Up, My Make-Up, and My Secret Diary friends, via DS Wireless Communications