Kneebouncers Will Teach Kids Nothing But to Have Fun

So you are on a budget and your kids are not old enough for Leap Frog yet but not young enough anymore for the simplier Graco toys. So what to do – head on over to Kneebouncers that’s what. Kneebouncers is a website that offers simple flash based games for kids that let them sit and click on the mouse and hear and see all different types of effects. “KneeBouncers was created for the ittiest of the bittiest. Our goal is to provide you and your family with a whole lot of thumping, bumping, crashing, bashing, smashing, splashing, popping, bopping, wiggling and especially giggling.” Not meant to be source for learning, this is just a very simple site that looks to entertain and keep kids busy interacting with the different types of flash games available on the site. Just roll your mouse over the characters on the homepage and they animate as well. You can also download coloring sheets and purchase items from the store that mirror characters on the website. An easy and free escape for the busy parent. Just make sure that the mouse they are using can handle the abuse.