Jitterbug J Cellphone is So Simple Kids Can Use it

Looking for a simple starter phone for your kids? Well then the Jitterbug J is certainly a good option. It’s a very simple phone that has been designed with a keypad with large clear numbers as well as a nice big font on the screen of the phone. The menu system is also designed to be very simple and doesn’t require a brain surgeon to operate it. This is a cellphone that goes back to the basics – basically. There is also a dedicated speakerphone button. But the apsect that parents will appreciate the most, is that there is no contracts or prepaid issues. To get started there is a 50 minute plan for only $14.99. The Jitterbug J in both black and white retails for $147. It’s such a simple phone you may actually want it for yourself!

The Jitterbug J also has a bunch of new features and services that improves over the previous Jitterbug model. Read on for more about these new improvements.

Key Features of the New Jitterbug J:

•  Updated, slim and sleek design while still being comfortable in the hand yet retaining all of the great features like the noise reduction ear piece, dial tone, comfortable keypad with larger backlit buttons and easy to read text
•  Wireless headset, hands free and other wireless accessories are enabled by Bluetooth technology, with simple step by step instructions
•  Improved and even easier-to-use screen navigation
•  Ability to personalize ring tones and screen colors; with special emphasis on providing audible tones for those with hearing loss
•  Upfront speakerphone button makes activation very friendly
•  Call waiting
•  30% longer battery life on stand-by

Key Services with the New Jitterbug J:

•  MyCalendar — customers already call the Jitterbug operators or go to MyJitterbug.com to enter and manage their phone book – now they can manage their calendar too!  All entries can be done online (by the customer or a family member) or the operator can enter appointments for them, and the phone is updated over-the-air to provide a view and reminder.
•  SimpleText — helps customers keep in touch with text messaging; using messages from a unique prewritten “message library” or typical word entry for a more personal message.
•  LiveNurse — provides customers with unlimited access to a registered nurse 24/7 as well as access to a health information library featuring up to date information on hundreds of health related topics.
•  Jitterbug Complete Care — a services package that includes Jitterbug Roadside Assistance, “No questions asked” handset replacement, and the Jitterbug LiveNurse.  All this for a combined price of only $9/month.