Disney NetPal is the Perfect Netbook for Any Princess

The Disney Netpal is a collaboration between Asus and Disney to bring you the Eeepc netbook, but reimagined especially for kids. The netbook is branded with the Eeepc logo but painted over with pink swirls, so that it’s perfect for any little budding princess. It also has a webcam in the shape of Mickey Mouse. But even the most dainty princess can be clumsy and that is where the reinforced mechanical design comes into play. Everything on the Netpal screams of Disney – the Magic desktop kid friendly gadget tray (kind of like the Leopard OS…hmmm) has a 2D menu visibly showing Disney email, a Disney browser (set to a Jones Brother and Hannah Montana littered homepage no less) and there are also parental controls.  The specs of the netbook are your standard netbook fair: 8.9 inch LCD display, Wi-Fi capabilities, Windows XP home, and loads of kid friendly Disney software that will entertain them right out of the box. I got a chance to peek at the Netpal in person and it’s quite a nice netbook with a good screen and its Disney widgets are sure to grab the attention of tweens’.  Belkin is also supplying the accessories with matching pink Netpal mouse and carrying case. The Disney Netpal will be available this summer and will retail for $349.99 at Toys “R” Us and the Disney Store. There is no pricing yet on the Belkin accessories.