Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot Still Thinks He is not a Toy

With Toy Story 3 making its way to theaters in 2010 – a whole new generation of kids will want to play with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. So Disney is kicking it up a notch with the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot. We are talking the Buzz Lightyear of the movie. This 16″ robot comes with a controller for you to interact with and move Buzz.  He responds to six voice commands including “You’re a Toy!”, “Fire Laser”, and “Salute”. You can even train him to do a custom command for you.  He blinks, walks, fires his lasers, and will even give you a high five! I got a chance to play with the prototype and I have to say it was alot of fun. He turned his head and winked and gave me a high five too! He will keep the kids entertained for hours but I could foresee an altercation between him and Elmo Live. Expect the Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Robot to hit stores in the fall and will retail anywhere between $129.99 to $149.99.