Transform Your Child into the Character Bumblebee from Transformers Movie 2

With the release of Transformers 2, so comes the latest in toys and collectibles for kids as well as adults. I think people tend to forget that Transformers was originally a cartoon before Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox came along. However, Hasbro hasn’t and has released the the TRANSFORMERS Movie 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN – Bumblebee Voice Mixer and Plasma Cannon. Both items turn your kid into a living and breathing transformer. Albeit a quite frightening looking one. The voice mixer can remix your voice with six different music styles. The Bumblebee Voice Mixer also plays realistic conversion sounds of said character changing from a car to a robot and back again or says his movie battle phrases. The Plasma Cannon has all the bells and whistles minus the CGI that kids will love. Sounds, lights and punching noises let your little one make believe they are saving the day as Bumblebee. Put both outfits together and you will have one child who just transformed themselves in a movie franchise. The Bumbleebee Voice Mixer and Bumblebee Plasma Cannon are both $39.99 each.