Dr Fresh Spider-Man Light Up Toothbrush and Eco-Fly Will Make Kids not Want to Stop Brushing

These toothbrushes are bound to give the Hasbro Tooth Tunes a run for their money. Till only recently had I heard of Dr Fresh’s Firefly collection of kiddie focused toothbrushes that light up and make sounds. Their latest ones are the Spider-Man Light up Toothbrush and EcoFly. The Spider-Man toothbrush handle is extremely detailed, and combined with the light-up timer feature of 60 seconds, it will guarantee your kids have a thorough brushing. Spider-Man will also alert when you when the battery has goes dead after three months – it will not light up anymore.

The EcoFly toothbrush is the first “rappin’”, recyclable, eco-conscious toothbrush for kids.  A musical timer features an original rap song recorded by “Da Hip Hop Cop” (“brush with care, but before you do, turn off the faucet, or I’ll feel blue.”), aka Anthony Ward. Again you will only brush as long as the song plays, but at the same it teaches kids to conserve water in the process by turning off the tap. The brush also resembles a tree which was the basis of a contest Dr. Fresh held asking kids to create their own design by becoming a Dental Inventor. The EcoFly completes the “green” concept. The Spider-Man Light-Up Toothbrush retails for $2.99 at Target and the EcoFly is TBD.