Zambi the Baby Elephant Extends His Trunk to Help Kids in Africa

Zambi the Baby Elephant is one of the latest members of the Furreal Friends family to incorporate built-in sensors. Zambi has sensors on his back, trunk, and chest. If you pet, tickle of touch one of those areas, he will move his trunk up and down, wiggle his ears and he’ll even make trumpeting and chewing sounds. He also will blows kisses at you and will even take his trunk and curl it around your finger. Zambi, who is an African elephant, has specially decorated ears and comes with a bracelet that is covered in artwork that has been created by Afican children. By wearing the bracelet, and playing with Zambi you’ll be showing your suport to Project Zambi, which helps children who have been orphaned by Aids. Hasbro has committed to donate a minimum of $500,000 from the worldwide sales of Zambi the Baby Elephant to the Project Zambi fund, part of the Hasbro Children’s Fund. This toy is indeed a gentle way of teaching kids about helping others, even those very far away. Zambi the Baby Elephant will retail for $49.99 and starts shipping in September.