Pumgo Scooter is the World’s First Pedal-Powered Scooter

What happens when you take the best of both worlds – a bike and a scooter – and you put them together? You get the Pumgo Scooter which is the world’s first pedal-powered scooter. The scooter is is driven by two reciprocal pedals similar to the up-down motion of a stair-climber machine. By pedaling, the rider causes the scooter to move forward. The Pumgo scooter was inspired by the fact that people were left bored during their indoor gym workouts on a stair climber because they were left nowhere to go. On the other hand, with the Pumgo Scooter you’ll get plenty of exercise but you’ll actually be out and about. The scooter is designed for kids over eight years old, as well as adults. It will become available nationwide this summer for a retail price of $299.