Discover’s Current Card is a Credit Card Designed for Tweens

It’s not just teenagers that want their own credit cards nowadays – it’s kids too. Of course your child is way to young to have a real credit card, or to even use yours. However, you could set them up with Discover’s Current Card which is a special debit card designed for teens. The card lets parents manage and control their kid’s spending. Parents are able to limit how and where kids can make purchases using the card, and of course they’ll be able to see every transaction that was made via the Current Card Account Center. Additionally, parents can opt in to receive email or text messages when transactions are made. Overall, with Current Card, Kids will feel cool having their own “credit” card and parents dont have to stress them using an actual credit card that accrues real debt. Also, since Current Card is designed for teens, the card is available in a selection of hip designs that kids will appreciate.