Little Pim DVDs Make it Fun to Learn a New Language

Little Pim is an award-winning foreign-language DVD series for children 6 months to 5 years. Each theme-based program uses both animation and real children to introduce words and phrases for everyday activities. The (35 minute) Little Pim DVD features seven 5-minute episodes designed to sustain a young child’s attention. There are three lessons on each DVD, which teach over 180 common words acquainting the listener to playtime, mealtime and daily routine phrases.

Little Pim’s method for language development is total immersion, combined with playful animation and live-action video. The adorable animated Panda Bear, named Little Pim, introduces age-appropriate, conversational words, and phrases through engaging music and playful interactions with real children. Each DVD is spoken entirely in the language being taught with optional English sub-titles. This familiar vocabulary enables parents to repeat the new language during daily routines for reinforcement. Little Pim encourages vocabulary development for pre-school children and assists in verbal development. Each Little Pim program is available individually or in a three-disc set in Spanish, French, Chinese, and English (ESL).