PeeWee Computers Offers Durable Laptops Made Specially for Kids

Specifically marketed with kids in mind – PeeWee PC is a site that offers not only kid friendly PC’s but also laptops customized for your ever-growing child. The laptops offered are either a tablet or rugged laptop. Both have pretty impressive features like an atom processor – typical of a netbook, Windows XP, a handle so kids can schlep around with it, a webcam, a memory card reader, and a decent amount of hard drive space. Those are not to shabby specs for a kid friendly laptop that will also endure being dropped and smacked.  It costs $599.99 for the tablet version and $499.99 for the Kid’s Power laptop. These prices are a bit pricey when you think about the other netbooks on the market geared towards adults. However the prices are not that outrageous when you think about these being a bit more durable. Also, each computer comes with programs geared towards kids and software to safeguard against any naughty sites kids may stumble upon.