PBS KIDS GO! CyberChase Lets Kids Take Control of a Web Series

When I was younger PBS is all I watched. PBS has decided to not only bring the fun and education to the small screen but your computer screen as well.  PBS KIDS GO! is a website filled with educational cartoons by Cyberchase. “Cyberchase has created educational web games using Panache’s ad insertion software, originally designed for use in online popup ads. Cyberchase, (along with PBS KIDS), is appropriating this interactive advertising technology in designing games that appear as interactive layers over Buzz & Delete short form web videos.”  Overall, the site is a lot of fun and lets you be very interactive with the show you are watching as it pauses and waits for you – allowing the viewer to make the next decision. These web-only games are not only a lot of fun, but in the end each webisode also teaches us a lesson.