Klip! Kids Teaching & Time-Out Timer Keeps Kids on a Schedule

The Klip! Kids Teaching & Time-Out Timer from American Innovative is a product aimed at teaching kids about the passage of time, but at the same time it has many useful purposes. The device sports a digital timer that is suitable for parents to use to set up durations for Time-Outs, it can also be used to set a time limit for watching TV, or it can be used as a way to provide rotating schedules when kids are sharing toys or the computer. Alternatively, you could also use the Lip! Kids as a sort of game – for example, you can entice kids to “beat the clock” by completing their chores faster. The Klip! Kids Teaching & Time-Out Timer comes with with a Belt Clip, Fridge Magnet, Countertop Stand & Detachable Lanyard and retails for $19.95.