Toy Fair ’09: Printies Design Studio Lets You Design and Print Your Own Stuffed Animals

We have all passed by the Build-a-Bear stores. So what if you could build your own bear, cat, or even penguin stuffed animal at home? Printies from Techno Source is an adorable concept and that will keep kids busy and probably lead to you buying a bigger house once they start making their very own stuffed animals. Printies Design Studio software will allow you design your very own stuffed animal from scratch, adding special touches that your child or even you my like. Printies comes with paper that has a cotton center so that once your animal is printed on to it, you rip away the paper along the perforated dots and what you have left is a stitched cotton animal that just needs to be stuffed with the included cotton stuffing. You can even slip on a pair of plastic shoes for finished look. This is a must for anyone who loves stuffed animals and wants to have their very own workshop at home. The Printies line will launch with the debut of three activity kits: Pet Design Studio, Printies Ocean Design Studio, and Printies Jungle Design Studio. It will retail for $19.99 and each refill pack will be $9.99.