Toy Fair ’09: Fisher Price Splat Brush Encourages Kids to Throw Meatballs

Fisher Price’s Splat Brush is a great way for kids to get creative without having to worry about all the messiness involved in using real world art supplies, instead all the fun happens when Splat Brush connects to your TV. Splat Brush has three ways to play – there are 8 themed worlds, each with unique paint brushes, stampers and special effects. Kids can even throw virtual food! They can make on screen masterpieces using the likes of 3D spaghetti or whip cream. By waving their controller, they can even throw on meatballs. This is much cleaner then having them messing around with real food. Alternatively kids can create fun colorful works of art with the virtual spin art feature. And then there is the Splat arcade as well. The system also lets you save your artwork so that you can later transfer it to a PC for printing. Splat Brush will retail for $54.99 and will be available in July.