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Toy Fair ’09: Adorable FAMPS Express Feelings, Attitudes, Moods and Personalities

If you love U.B. Funkeys, you’ll love FAMPS. FAMPS stands for Feelings, Attitudes, Moods and Personalities. These adorable little gals each have their own unique and very adorable look. They connect to your PC or Mac via RFID – an RFID reader is included with each starter pack. Once connected to your PC you can do cool things with your FAMPS, including customizing your desktop, wallpapers, emails, e-cards and IMs with your personal FAMPS. Because there are so many different kinds of FAMPS, each one can be used to express a girl’s mood or emotion at any given time. The starter kit will retail for $16.99 and each additional FAMPS will come in a twin pack for $10.99. Available in the Fall.

  1. Tina

    Those look so cool! I don’t think I can wait til fall! I want it!!!

  2. Gavin - NYC

    I love these collectibles! Are they going to make them for boys too?? From what I understand you can pop one in the usb device that plugs into the computer and express feelings and moods realtime. Are they selling in the US or overseas yet??

  3. Carolina -MA

    Cool, cute, and affordable…what a great idea! Definetely a hit!

  4. kaori

    how big are they? and how do they really work? I like them but cant find much info on the website. I like the word game though. Silly famp is my favorite.

  5. Anonymous!

    I took the which FAMP are you most like quiz and I got the HYPER one!

    Thats so true and I love her shirt which says “I LOVE COFFEE” actually it has 2 coffee cups but still!

    i have UB funkeys and after a while there isnt much to do on there.. I have about 20 funkeys so I have unlocked every zone.

  6. Harry

    My daughter want the F.A.M.P.S but I read this work with a RFID USB receiver. We allready have a mirror (RFID too) from Violet.
    Are they working beside without any problem ?
    What is the RFID specs from F.A.M.P.S ? ISO ? Freq ?

  7. chadd

    famps are so stupid because they made it just like u.b.funkeys im so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats wrong unn less radica made famps them thats ok but stell thats dum u.b.funkeys are better!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  8. pakalove

    I would desidgn something for my friends and family or for me and it is so cool and fun.

  9. ...

    FAMPS are JUST like Ub Funkeys but Ub funkeys are WAY cooler. Just try out ub funkeys and you will see a difference.(My friend has FAMPS so I know about them.)Plus I like ub funkes but HATE famps.

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