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Toy Fair ’09: Mattel Barbie Digital Nail Printer

What little kid doesn’t like to play dress up? Well Barbie is making it easier for any young girl to get their nails done without the hassle of going to a salon but instead they can do it right at home. Announced at Toy Fair, Barbie Digital Nail Printer is the first product unveiled under the Barbie’s brand new “Beautronics” line. The real ‘beauty’ of the system is that the nail printer connects to to your computer – and allows you to print custom designs directly onto your nails.  You can select from over 1000 intricate designs and it will take seconds to apply and days for it to last . You can even upload your own photos to create a custom manicure perfect for any occasion. The Digital Nail Printer uses thermal inkjet technology and specially-formulated cosmetic grade ink to print directly on the nail surface. The system also includes an embedded camera so you can model the designs befor committing to it.  Pricing and availability is TDB.

  1. Morgan

    VERY interesting! I cant wait to get my hands on this one!

  2. toota

    Where can I get on the machine nails??
    From Kuwait??
    It’s a very beautiful I want to I buy??
    Get it from the markets of Kuwait?

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