Tamagotchi Now on Your iPhone Via the AppStore

Tamagotchi: Round the World for the iPhones and iPod touch is now available in the the AppStore for $5.99. The game allows  players and their Tamagotchi to interact with cute clouds, playful plants and gleeful geysers to raise the ultimate pet: an entire planet. The Tamagotchi eat, dance, play and poop their way to a happier and healthier planet. Players can choose from one of four adorable Tamagotchi and play one of six missions that take place across three Planets (jungle, desert and “bucktooth”). Each mission has different objectives that lead to a happy, healthy Planet. However, this game is not like the digital keychains in that this is not a pet that requires interaction, rather this is a game that Tamagotchi fans will appreciate because of its Tamagotchi-like qualities.