PlayPal Portable Gaming Handheld Plays Old SEGA & Game Gear Games

Games Sonic Drift 2 might be classic oldies to us, but to kids they are totally fresh. The PlayPal Portable is a pretty inexpensive way to share some of those great classics of the SEGA Master System and Game gear. The portable handheld device features a 2.4″ TFT LCD with built-in speakers, and an A/V connector for having the option to connect it to a TV. It comes with 20 games and retails for under $60. Because it comes with 20 games, you wont have to worry about cartridges or spending money on other games. 20 games should keep kids entertained for a good while. Check out the list of games below.

– Super Columns
– Astro Warrior
– Kung Fu Kid
– Quartet
– Bomber Raid
– Sonic Triple Trouble
– Columns
– Sonic Drift 2
– Alex Kidd in High Tech World
– Alex Kidd in Miracle World
– Altered Beast
– Assault City
– Aztec Adventure
– Global Defense
– Fantasy Zone
– Fantasy Zone the Maze
– Penguin Land
– ECCO Tides of Time
– Snail Maze
– The Ninja