CES 2009: Nu.M8 GPS Locator Device Doubles as a Digital Watch for Kids

Nu.M8 is a great and convenient new way to be sure that you’re child is always safe. The Nu.M8 is essentially a GPS locator Device located in a child’s digital watch. Kids will like wearing it because it’s a watch and parents will appreciate it because it gives them piece of mind. In a worst case scenario, if the Nu.M8 watch is forcibly removed fro the child, an alert will be sent to a designated cell phone or email address. Additionally, when parents want to located their child, they can do so by texting “wru” from their phone to the Nu.M8 – or they can go online and click on “where r you” on the Lok8u secure portal, in which case their child’s location will be presented on Google Maps. Parents can also specify safety zones if their child. Consequently, if their child goes out of the safety zone, they will be alerted.

Other features include:
•Water resistant to Ipx 7
•Battery sufficient for seven days in standby
•Dermatologic ally tested to ensure safe wearing
•Use at home or abroad
•Live track functionality
•Home Zone for easy and safe removal of Nu.M8
•Cell ID back up with AGPS for quick and accurate GPS determined location
•Accurate to within 10 feet
•Metal reinforced rubber strap

The Nu.M8 will be available in the UK in March for £149.99 and it will also show up in the USA in late spring.