CES 2009: Digital Blue Lights up the Evening with New Digital Cameras

At CES, Digital Blue unveiled two new digital cameras aimed specifically for kids and event teens. Using infrared tech, the Digital Blue’s NightVision Video Camera lets you record video even in pitch black conditions. The camera allows users to see in the dark from up to 20 feet away. The camera also features a 2″ LCD scream and it has the ability to upload the video online to services like YouTube. The camera will be available in the summer for $79.99.

The other unusual camera that Digital Blue unveiled is the U-Turn Digital Camera which features a unique 2.4″ LCD screen that can swivel and from back to front so kids can see their mugs as they snap shots. The camera also lets users “morph” their image with neat effects like stretchy head, swirls, and squatty view. The camera will be available in the spring for $49.99.