CES 2009: Crayola’s Alarm Clock Radio & MP3 Player

Drenched in crayola worthy color, this alarm clock cube sports super sized buttons, a music dock that fits any MP3 player, a large digital time display on the front, and a built-in projector that beams the time up to the ceiling where little ones can see it while they’re lying in bed. How cool is that! It includes sound soothing effect buttons, a snooze button, and a headphone jack connection.

Also new is the Crayola MP3 Player that has a lozenge shaped control panel with five large differently colored buttons for each function, a power button that lights up when the player is on, and a built-in speaker/voice recorder for out-loud listening and self-expression. It holds 2GB of music – roughly 2,700 songs, and comes with earbuds as well as colorful letter stickers enabling kids to affix their names. It runs on one AAA battery and can be plugged into the Crayola AM/FM Alarm Clock Radio dock. What a great way to introduce kids to using technology, for an affordable price too. The Alarm clock goes for $29.99 and MP3 Player for $49.99.