Touchscreen Datamax ii is an Affordable Handheld Learning Tool with Games

Ever since the iPhone came out, Touchscreen’s have been all the rage. LeapFrog has a couple of great touchscreen learning devices, but KidzDelight has an impressive one to bring to the plate as well. The Datamax ii contains 40 activities including games and programs involving Grammar, Math, Vocabulary, Algebra, Geography, the Human Body, Weather, Dinosaurs, Plants and Animals, Astronomy, Science and more. But it’s not all educational with the Datamax ii, kids can have fun with the included classic games like Four in a Row, Puzzle, Sudoku, and hangman. The Datamax ii also comes with practical applications like a expanded converter for metric distances, weights, a Thesuarus, measures, a notepad, a phonebook, an alarm and more. All in all, that is a lot packed in for a device that costs just a little over $40. And we’re sure that kids will think that it’s cool that they can use their fingers or a stylus to operate the Datamax ii.