Rip Roar Instant Messenger Looks Like a Sidekick, and IMs Just Like One

You might not be ready to shell out the big bucks to get your kid a Sidekick just yet. But until then, you can keep them happy with the Rip Roar Instant Messenger. The Rip Roar Instant Messenger is designed to look a lot like the infamous Sidekick, complete with a full QWERTY keyboard. Granted it’s not quite as powerful, it will let you chat on AOL instant messenger, MSN or Yahoo as long as the user is within 900mhz range of an internet connect PC. That means that they’ll be able to chat wirelessly around the house, without tying up a computer. The Rip Roar Instant Messenger is also very affordably priced at just $19.98. IF this device seems familiar, it’s because you might remember the similar in function IM-me Wireless Handheld Chatting Device.