Nerf N-Strike for Wii Review

Nerf N-Strike for Wii combines classic Nerf fun with the technology of video games. This two-in-one game is a plastic gun with soft, hard to injure nerf darts that can be removed to make room for your Wii remote.

Installing the Wii remote into the gun took me a few tries, but that very well could have been my lack of motor skills. I tend to dislike reading directions when it comes to video games, but it was necessary just to install the remote into the gun. Once the gun and remote were in place, I tested movement by aiming and firing. You hold the “A” button to begin the game and the trigger on the gun automatically hits the “B” button. Aiming and shooting turned out to be relatively easy considering you’re not directly holding the remote, so I selected my character and began to maneuver through the first scene.

The levels were somewhat dark and basically I was playing a cleaned up version of a FPS game. No guns blasting or blood flowing just aim at the floating robots and kill them with your bullets, which are soft foamy plunger like darts. The theme seemed to be a little space agey, but considering it is a shooting game with a yellow and orange Nerf gun, it was somewhat fitting. Initially, I was hoping for more “of this world” battles, but flying robots turned out to be a lot of fun. After making it through some levels, you begin to unlock other weapons, none of which were familiar to me, but I don’t have much knowledge of Nerf products beyond footballs that the boys that would throw them at girls during recess. As the game continues, you choose the best weapon to reach the highest score.

Although this is a shooting game and I am anti-gun, I still feel this is family friendly compared to most video games of the same nature. It was fun to the point where I found myself jumping and yelling at the screen. When the bad guys got me (which happened quiet a bit) I was thoroughly disappointed and wanted to try again.

All-in-all, I highly recommend this game. I think that everyone can enjoy this very different and very fun toy, both in front of the television and away (just keep an eye out for valuables). The Nerf N-Strike retails for $59.99, which is a bit pricey for a Wii game but you’re also getting a big yellow gun and some nerf darts to shoot at people.

The Good: Puts a twist on your typical Wii game. The gun adds a whole new element of play and interactivity.

The Bad: Graphics are not that impressive. Could get boring after awhile.