Lorifina Fashion Dolls Collection Review

There is a new fashionista doll in town, and it’s the Lorifina Fashion Doll. The Lorifina Collection includes a line of modern and very hip fashions designed for 20″ dolls. These dolls are all about style and customization. Dolls are ordered from the Lorifina web site where you can personalize almost every aspect of the doll from their skin tone, to their eye colors, to their hair color. Once you’ve chosen your doll’s looks, you get to choose your doll’s first outfit as well. You get to choose a top, bottom, and a pair of shoes. The Lorifina web site lets you see all the various options for outfits and doll looks on the fly.

The $98 price tag for a doll with outfit is going to seem pretty steep to most parents. But you have to consider that the dolls in this collection aren’t just any ordinary dolls. Don’t get us wrong, we love Barbie, but these are not Barbie dolls and shouldn’t be confused with them. These dolls are much bigger than Barbie for starters.  The Lorifina Collection is all about fashion and enabling tweens to express their style. The outfits currently available on the site are super hip, and look like something out of Gossip Girl with fashions inspired by New York, London and Tokyo. Other fashions inspired by other areas of the globe are expected to show up sometime in 2009.

The site also emulates a real shopping experience. Girls can shop for clothing, shoes, handbags and other accessories like sunglasses. Users can review a look they’ve created on the spot and save fashions and accessories combinations in their Look Book. They can also create Wish Lists – or what we call a subtle hint to mom and dad. Girls can also decorate their own “studio space” and learn about fashion facts, vocabulary and tips, making the site perfect for Project Runway wannabes.

We customized our own Lorifina Doll and received one in the mail. What first grabbed our attention was the packaging. Each one of the dolls clothing and accessories is packaged in its own gift box, akin to real life clothing from an exclusive boutique.  It’s also obvious that there has been great attention paid to the detail of the accessories and clothing. For example, the outfit we picked included a denim skirt with working pockets and a real skirt button. The funky tank top shirt that we chose is also covered in a hip design with plenty of detail. As a matter of fact, I like it so much that I wish it was about 100x larger!

Moving on to the Lorifina doll herself, the legs and arms of the doll are bendable with joints in the middle. What’s also cool is that her hair style can be removed like a wig so you can interchange hairstyles easily. Feel like being a blond instead of a brunette one day? Not a problem. One thing that is a bit odd about the doll though, is that the head is a bit too big for her body, and it’s a bit cartoonish. But that’s not an uncommon style for high end dolls and we guess that the reasoning behind the disproportional head is so that you can appreciate the detail in the dolls face. Also, the Lorifina doll’s toes have an unusual amount of detail and they are bendable. Because they are bendable they are able to fit in to high heals appropriately and the toe detail means that you can get the doll sandals as well.

The Lorifina Collection is off to a great start, we just hope that more outfits become available soon. The site is also currently in beta, so it’s possible that users might notice some bugs. Either way, the web site is visually stunning and is definitely one of a kind.

The Good:
Outfits are very trendy, doll is large in size and well made, web site offers a great virtual shopping experience as well as other fun things to do

The Bad:
Expensive price tag for just one doll