Colorful iHearSafe Earbuds Prevents Hearing Loss

We’ve mentioned iHearSafe in the past. They are the go to company for specialized headphones for kids. All of their headphones feature iHearSafe technology that prevents the volume from exceeding 85 decibels. This is a must have accessory for kids, consdiering how many kids have iPods nowadays, and the fact that there are so many MP3 players coming out all the time aimed specifically for kids. iHearSafe’s newest headsets include the Safe Volume headphones which feature a comfortable ear covering design. The Safe Volume Headphones retail for $24.99 and come with a 1 year warranty. But if earbuds are more your kid’s style, they also have Safe Volume Earbuds available in white, white / pink , white / blue, and black red. These cool colors will make kids want to wear them. The Colored Safe Volume Earbuds are built to fit children’s ears via a child safe ergonomic design. They retail for $19.99 and also come with a one year warranty. Overall, any of these iHearSafe headphones would make great last minute stocking stuffers. And when you think about the long term advantage – of keeping your child’s hearing healthy, iHearSafe’s products are priceless.