Little Tunes MP3 Music Boombox with Built-in Speakers

The Little Tunes MP3 Music Boombox is smarter then most other MP3 players for kids right off the bat. Why? Because it’s got built-in twin speakers, so you dont have to worry about destroying kids sensitive young ears with headphones. The boombox comes preloaded with 20 songs and can also play additional WMA and MP3 files. It also sports a 1.4″ LCD screen and it has a convenient auto power off function after 70 seconds of inactivity. The Boombox is made up of a rubberized shell so that it should withstand some bumps pretty well. Additionally, headphones can be plugged in to the boombox but they aren’t included. The Little Tunes MP3 Music Boombox retails for just $29.99. Unfortunately, the product page doesn’t specify what is its actual memory capacity.