Didi & Ditto Preschool – Mother Nature’s Visit Educational Game for Preschoolers

Didi & Ditto Preschool – Mother Nature’s Visit is a new educational game geared towards kids ages two to four. It’s designed to get kids to learn about pre-reading, pre-math, science, music and art while having fun. The game contains 16 activities along with plenty of funny animations. Kids can choose from playing as Didi, a female character or Ditto, a male Character as they work on on recognizing letters and numbers, counting, classifying, identifying shapes and sounds, as well as developing observation abilities, understanding oral instructions, and more.  The game retails for just $19.99 and is both Mac and PC compatible. Check out below for more description about the characters and the storyline behind the game.

In this adventure of the brother/sister twins Didi and Ditto, we find our two zany beavers preparing a reception for Mother Nature’s visit to their hometown called Smart Valley, a special, wacky world where spiral trees and funny characters abound.  Zolt, a sneaky purple wolf, is trying to ruin the party by breaking all of the musical instruments and hiding all of the food. He then plans to step in and be the hero when Mother Nature arrives. Didi and Ditto notice that Zolt is acting strange and decide to keep an eye on him. It is up to the player to decide which beaver will watch Zolt very carefully while the other one helps Hootdini get ready for the festivities.