Crayola’s Color Explosion Glow Board Brings Life to Artwork

Drawing is not simple anymore, not when you can animate your drawings with Crayola’s Color Explosion Glow Board. This electronic easel allows your kids to bring there imaginations to life. All they need to do is draw on the paper what ever they want and then place a plastic plate over their drawing. To add a little more color, turn off the lights, and then use the buttons on the bottom of the easel and watch their drawing come to life! The board surface is reusable and erases in seconds for hours of fun. The board comes with two layers for more drawing space, kids can also change from one board to another and use the built in stand to display their art. The Easel comes with 6 neon markers, a tracing sheet, and 2 coloring surfaces. Crayola’s Color Explosion Glow Board is deisgned for ages 6 and up and can be found at A.C.Moore, Amazon, Costco, CVS, K-mart, Kay-bee, Kohl’s, and other local toy or department stores.