Playskool Dance Cam Gets Kids Dancing Along with Their Favorite Tunes

Playskool wants to get your 3 to 6 year old to start shimmying like “Dancing with the Stars” with their new Playskool Dance Cam. The child friendly console allows your child to be projected on to your TV screen (works best on 27 inches or smaller) and dance along to many child favorites like Bingo, Working on the railroad, Old MacDonald, Muffin man and much much more!. There are 20 songs to choose from and there is a Cool Moves mode that teaches your child some new moves to four different songs. It’s simple for your child to learn from the animated characters on screen, a Freestyle mode allows your child to connect a CD or MP3 player to the console so your child can groove to there own beat. It’s also easy to connect to your TV,  the console requires batteries and has an auto shut off to conserve battery life. The Playskool Dance Cam retails for $49.99.