Hasbro Room Tech BEINGZ Mood Lamp Review

beingz.jpgHasbro’s Room Tech BEINGZ Mood Lamp is an instant attraction in any home (or office for the larger kids out there). Just like kids getting moody sometimes, so do lamps…and BEINGZ displays its moods in 4 different light effects that you choose. It will react with your touch or by the music you play. It seemed to fancy when I played Corey Hart’s ‘I Wear Sunglasses at Night.’ The  BEINGZ are cute and its Wall-E like exterior is the initial appeal.  When turning it on, you realize how much potential fun this could be.  By touching and moving around the head, you can create sounds and light shows of different colors.In the past, toys such as a BEINGZ could have gotten on anyone’s nerves very easily.  BEINGZ, however, sends out a fun sound and soft glow.  I really enjoyed Groovy Mode where you tilt the head down and place your hand on top of the BEINGZ lampshade for a few seconds.  This creates a light show that lasts for about 30 minutes – more than enough time to fall asleep.  The BEINGZ then goes into sleep mode so you don’t have to worry about shutting it off.  Musical Mode is also a lot of fun.  You place your BEINGZ next to a TV or stereo speaker and its lights begin to flash to the beat. If you get the BEINGZ a friend, let’s say the Room Tech BEINGZ Alarm Clock, the mood lamp will actually communicate with the alarm clock by ‘talking.’ Who knew long conversations could be had by flashing colored dots? As long as the BEINGZ’s are getting along, that is all that matters. The device includes 4 “AA” batteries and I have played with the BEINGZ for a long time and the batteries are still working.

Overall, this is a fun little toy with great appeal, not only because it is enjoyable to play with, but because it is also really cute. The Room Tech BEINGZ Mood Lamp comes in Magenta or Green and retails for $39.99. If you want to get it a friend, the Room Tech BEINGZ Alarm Clock retails for $39.99. But you may want to just get the bundle pack which includes both and retails for $72.99.

The Good: Adorable lamp that will add color and personality to any room

The Bad: Seems to be more interactive with other BEINGZ than this human being.