20Q Simpsons Handheld Donut Review

simpsonsdonut.jpgI have to say where does it stop with Simpsons merchandising? You can get just about anything with The Simpsons logo on it or the family on some sort of wares…I mean there are even engraved iPods…So I guess it comes as no surprise that there is a 20Q Simpsons handheld game from Radica. Yes the same Radica who brought us the U.B. Funkeys.
So we were excited to try out the 20Q Simpsons to see if I could stump this little donut even if it contained information from the series and movie. So I consider myself to be a Simpsons fan…a big one. I saw the doughnut shaped handheld game as something I can not only beat, but destroy.  The game itself is a bit 1992 with an orange screen and blocky lettering, but I’m willing to look beyond that for anything Simpsons.  There are 4 buttons to choose from: Yes, No, Unknown and Sometimes.  There is also an undo button when you answer a question incorrectly, but not without it mocking you first (“You can’t keep blaming yourself!  Just blame yourself once and move on.”).  Just like with any 20 questions game, you have to think of a person, place or a thing.  I figured most people’s minds would instantly think of Homer then Bart, so I went with Marge.  After 20 questions, it guessed correctly. 

Making it a little harder, I chose Ralph Wiggum.  The game guessed it again!  A third try, I chose Otto, the bus driver and low and behold it guessed it for a third time.  When I got to my fourth try, I picked Sideshow Bob.  Twenty questions came and went.  The computer guessed incorrectly!  It took 25 questions to finally get it right.  My own personal triumph!  All together, the game was fun for the first few rounds, but got slow quickly.  The graphics were quite a few steps down in a world of PSP, Nintendo DS, or even in someways a Gameboy….even if it has a backlit screen for viewing indoors or at night. It’s a  good car game for the kids or for the true blue Simpsons fanatic but some casual fans may take a pass.  The 20Q Simpsons game by Radica retails for $14.99 at Toys ‘R’ Us.

The Good: Great game for Simpsons fans and its got a unique design for the casing.

The Bad: Graphics are bit dated. True Simpsons fans will love it but may not keep the attention of casual fans.