Teach Me Time! Clock also Glows in the Dark

a6c0_teach_me_time_clock.jpgThe Teach Me Time! Clock is the ultimate way to teach kids to learn to tell time and to help set boundaries as well. The clock features both an analog and digital display and uses an a talking “game” to keep them informed about the time. “It has a 5-stage, talking “game” to help your littles learn what the clock means. But also, there is a secret control panel where you can set the revolutionary “Ok to Wake” alarm. This will cause the clock to glow yellow during the night (this nightlight feature can be disabled) and turn green when the kids are allowed to get out of bed – making make sure you have enough alone time (or couple time) in your own bed.”  And the Teach Me Time!  even has long term value – kids can still use it when they are all grown up since it works as a fully functional alarm clock complete with snooze. The Teach Me Time! retails for $39.99 and comes with blue, pink and yellow Interchangeable LCD bezels.