Rescue an e-Pet and Enter a Virtual World of Adorable Furry Friends

epets.jpgMy e-Pets are a great way to teach kids about taking care of animals and some of the responsibility involved. For just $9.99 you can “rescue” an adorable stuffed e-Pet. You can choose from a a frog, a bunny, a monkey, a Golden Retriever, Chocolate Lab, Mutt, Dalmation, Basset Hound, Chow, Spaniel, Husky, Sheep Dog, Beagle, German Shepard or Border Collie – and much more! Each e-Pet comes with a secret code card that grants you access to e-Pet online, a virtual world “where you can play, nurture, shop and interact with other Rescue Pet owners”. Each e-Pet also comes with an adoption certificate.