Nintendo DS MyGames Series for Girly Girls

image0136.jpgWhen it comes to video games geared specifically towards girls, there is definitely a short supply. Luckily three new girly games are heading on to the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS MyGames series for girls includes My Make-Up, My Dress-Up and My Secret Diary. My Make-up involves making over and applying make-up to avatars, My Dress-Up lets you choose from a wardrobe to create outfits, and My Secret Diary is essentially a password protected digital journal.  All three games communicate with one another and enable players to upload and download projects and accessories with friends as well as chat.  The games will be available on October 21st. In the meanwhile, here is a run down of some of the cool features for each of the new titles:

My Make-Up:

* Create your personal avatar or ones of your friends. Choose; face shape, hair color, skin color, eye shape, nose shape, hair length, and lip shape
* Makeover the avatar of you and your friends
* Pamper yourself and your friends
* Host makeover parties
* Chat with your MyGames Friends using DS wireless chat
* Transfer Makeover’s to My Dress-Up game
* Store your Makeover’s in your Photo Album
* Use the Face Painting application for special occasions and costume parties
* Receive more colors as you create more makeovers

image0082.jpgMy Dress-Up:

* Create profiles for yourself and your friends
* Choose face, hair, and skin details to match the person you are making over
* Choose from a wardrobe filled with clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, belts, headbands, and much more
* Design your own top with the “Top Designer” application.
* Chat with your MyGames Friends using DS wireless chat
* Transfer your outfits to your friends with My Make-Up for a FULL makeover
* Store your outfits in your closet and come back to them later
* Design outfits according to events or requests from your friends
* Check your message center to find requests from your friends to receive advice or asking for makeovers for a certain event

image0042.jpgMy Secret Diary:

* Store all your secrets in your own password-protected diary
* Sign in and document your mood for the day
* Store your friend’s birthdays, favorite colors, email, phone, and favorite things in the address book
* Check and store special events such as birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and appointments on your personal calendar
* Explore the quizzes, which show you just how bossy or responsible you are
* Play the word search game for puzzle challenges about your favorite things
* Enter the word garden and play a girls version of the game “hangman” and watch your flower lose petals or grow as you guess the right or wrong letters
* Play the friend match game to see how compatible your friends in your address book are
* In the Mystic application you will find fortune cookies that will give you insight into your future
* Ask the crystal ball a question and rub it until it shows you an answer (Similar to a magic 8 ball)
* Rub the aura stone to see what the color of your mood says about you
* Use DS Wireless Chat to keep up on the latest gossip from your other MyGames Friends