Cool Stuff Exploded Book Takes You Inside Gadgets

9781405318778h.jpgIf you’ve ever wondered how that gadget worked and what was inside it, then your inquiring mind will love Cool Stuff Exploded. Cool Stuff Exploded uses visually beautiful computer-generated modeling technology to deconstruct (AKA exploded) everyday gadgets like microwaves, futuristic cars, a PS3 a watch, a speaker system, a radio, a LEGO Robot and so much more. We got a sample of the book and we can personally describe it as being very large with very nice visuals.  It is the type of easy reading well suited for a coffee table. It’s also the kind of book that adults will enjoy just as much as kids. An interactive CD-Rom with “amazing animations” comes with the book as well. Overall, Cool Stuff Exploded is not only educational – it’s fun. Cool Stuff Exploded by Chris Woodford retails for $24.95, though you can get it for just $16.95 on Amazon.9781405318778l_134.jpg